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About Our  Site

Our Web site is devoted to Russian Semiprecious Stones and  Gem Stones. Here you can get familiar with geological features of minerals  as well as purchase goods made of genuine semiprecious   stones , Gem stones and amber.

The site is a work in progress and will be updated.

About Our Store
Products made of genuine semiprecious stones and bronze will decorate your home,and elegant bijouterie will brighten your everyday life.
The Russianartstones  headquarters is located on the territory of the Russian Federation.
The Russianartstones store operates in full accordance with laws of the Russian Federation on trading natural stones and products made of them.

Making Purchases in Our Store

How to Use Shopping Cart:

1.     Please have a thorough look at our catalog and choose an item you want based on its description. Just take your time to carefully read all the information available on the item you selected. By doing so, you will save your time as well as ours

2.     Once you have chosen an item you like, please put it in the shopping card and you’ll see a table (Your Shopping Cart) pop up that contains an accurate information on the item and its price. The price will be given in both Russian rubles and U. S. dollars. If you want, you may either continue shopping or remove items from your shopping cart or pay for goods by clicking on the proper link in the table

Payment Methods
At  the  moment  the  system of payment  on  the  site  does  not  function  fore  some  reason.
You can make a payment online by a credit card. We accept VISAMaster cards.

Checking Out:

1.     Please click on the link checkout in the table (Your Shopping Cart)

2.     Then fill out Customer Questionnaire and select the link Show My Order

3.     Please make sure that all the information contained in the final questionnaire is correct, and then click on the link Pay for Goods.

Credit Card Payments

Once you have checked out, you will be redirected to the ASSIST server to provide your credit card information. Data transfer occurs in a secure mode that makes it absolutely impossible for any data, including your credit card info, to be intercepted. Payments in the ASSIST system are kept secure by application of the SSL protocol. Further information transfer is carried out through highly protected closed networks that belong to a bank.

Our Guarantees

Purchased goods can be returned or exchanged (in accordance with the Russian Federation law on protecting consumers’ rights).
We also guarantee that you money will be refunded according to our policy.

In order to do so, it is necessary to sends us an e-mail request that should include the following information:

1.     Reason for Return or Exchange

2.     Your Last Name (Surname), First (Given) Name, Middle Initial

3.     Your E-mail Address

4.     Date of Purchase

5.     Product name

The warranty for purchased goods is one month.


Your order will be shipped through the State Postal Service of the Russian Federation.

Prices  For  Goods

The items of Russian stones are referred to such goods that become more
and more expensive as times goes by.
One of the main reasons is that many stone fields which were known
earlier and which are situated near the surface are almost exhausted nowadays, new
stone-fields run out from year to year.


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